strangelove is an l.a. electropop group started in 2011 by members christopher razo and johnmichael solis. influenced by pop and electronic sounds, genres collide to create pop songs with a twist.

both guys are classically trained musicians that use a combination of music composition, original lyrics and production to make songs about crazy experiences and some twisted love.

with a passion for all things pop, the sound, the words and the stories are all put together into music that ranges everywhere from lovesick ballads to big beat dance tracks.

strangelove is an independent creation. every song is written, composed and produced by the guys in a home studio. this is real pop made by people who love the genre. songs with actual music and actual experiences.

currently, strangelove produces singles and a few covers you can find here on the site. an album is a future possibility but for now it's all about the singles. we are connected to facebook, soundcloud and youtube where you can find all strangelove productions and show your fandom.

thanks for the support.

Much Love.